After Hours

Debit Cards (Personal and Business)

Report a lost or stolen card– 1.800.500.1044

mobank Credit Cards (Personal and Business)

24/7 lost or stolen calling in U.S.– 1.866.839.3485

24/7 lost or stolen calling internationally – 1.727.227.2447 

Debit and Credit Cards (Personal and Business)

A temporary block may be placed on a card when an attempted transaction is suspected of being fraudulent. The Fraud Department will attempt to call and verify the purchase, so it is important to keep us informed of any changes to your phone numbers. The block on an account may be released upon customer verification of a valid transaction.

If you suspect your card is being declined due to a fraud alert, please call: 

24/7 Fraud Department – 1.800.437.9392. 

Merchant Credit Card Services

During mobank hours, ask for Uschi – 816.881.6107

After-hours NPC (service partner) – 1.888.208.7231