Business Loans

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At mobank, we get to know you, your business, and your goals first. Then we talk loans. There’s a lot to know before you take out a loan. We’ll help you get the right one to make your goals a reality.

We try to make the process easy as possible. Call us at 816-881-8200 and ask for a commercial loan officer. That’s always the best first step.

Until we talk, here’s some info to get you started. There are a variety of loans:

Line of Credit

This cost-effective approach is great for filling gaps in your sales cycle. It’s also available for seasonal changes in inventory and receivables, short-term cash needs, or taking advantage of vendor discounts. Lines of credit are repaid from your business' operating cash flow, and have the following features:

  • Secured by receivables, inventory and other assets
  • Revolving balance – multiple advances and repayments
  • Flexible principal repayment schedule
  • Monthly interest payments based on your average daily principal balance
  • One-year commitment

Term Loan

Also called installment loans, term loans are commonly used to purchase or refinance long-term capital requirements like machinery, office equipment or vehicles. They could also finance a change in ownership or a new business acquisition.

  • Secured by assets being purchased
  • Equal monthly payments
  • One- to five-year amortization period
  • Fixed interest rates available

Commercial Real Estate Loan

We can help finance the construction, purchase or refinance of commercial real estate properties. We also work closely with local Certified Development Companies (CDCs) to offer SBA 504 Loans.

Construction Loan

Pay for construction as it happens, borrowing only what you need, when you need it. Simply submit periodic draw requests for specific work that has been completed. Upon inspection, mobank advances on the draw requests to pay your contractors.

  • Use for real estate construction or renovation
  • Interest-only payments during construction reduce debt service requirements
  • Floating interest rate

Real Estate Term Loan

Purchase or refinance real estate. This conventional real estate loan will provide financing up to 80 percent of the appraised value of the property.

  • Maturity of three to five years
  • Equal monthly payments
  • Amortization of up to 25 years
  • Fixed interest rates available

SBA Loans

mobank’s an approved SBA preferred lender and offers all SBA loan guaranty programs. The SBA 504 loan program funds small businesses making fixed-asset investments from $120,000 up to several million dollars to create or retain jobs. mobank works closely with local Certified Development Companies (CDCs) to offer SBA 504 loans to qualified borrowers. The program provides long-term financing at a fixed interest rate with a minimum down payment of 10 percent. Loans can be used for fixed assets, including:

  • Land acquisition/construction
  • Purchase/remodeling of an existing building
  • Purchase/repair of machinery and equipment

The way SBA 504 Loans for real estate are structured:

  • Bank provides 50 percent of the financing for at least 10 years, amortized up to 20 years, at market interest rate
  • SBA provides up to 40 percent of financing for a 10- or 20-year term, and amortization with a fixed interest rate determined at the time of funding
  • Borrower contributes the remaining equity
  • Bank has a first collateral position followed by the SBA

To learn more about SBA Loans, call Linda Laurence at 816.881.8241. She’ll know which loan is right for you.

We support the markets and communities within our geographic regions and reserve the right to limit the geographic area in which loans will be made. Our primary market is the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.