Crossroads Artboards

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Since 2008, the billboards above mobank’s Crossroads location have been reserved exclusively to display the work of local artists. Through a partnership with the Charlotte Street Foundation, we’ve been able to feature multiple artists every year.


mobank’s purpose for donating the Artboards to local artists isn’t about sales or promotion; it’s solely intended to make the creative Crossroads community more interesting by sharing local art. 

View the collection, dating back to January 2009:


DeAnna Skedel, Dino Fear

Phil Shafer, Agreed

Maria Ogedengbe, Painting Contest: MO Real

Charlie Mylie, The Caption Contest

David Rhoads, Dream High

Amy Kligman, Party! Party!

Shawn Bitters, Said Yellowstone to Taum Sauk

Mark Allen, Ethereal Waters

Max Pond, Untitled

Amy Fredman, Meowntains

Andy Ozier, Everyone's Talking About Our Barbecue

Jason Needham, The Big Hug

Megan Mantia and Leone Anne Reeves, Angelmaids of Mer-County

Peregrine Honig, Analogue Tendril

Rie Egawa, This is Art

Caleb Taylor, Presence of Absence I and II

Jarrett Mellenbruch, Untitled

Ricky Allman, Untitled

Robert Howsare, IV Phases

Judith G. Levy, Believably True

Calder Kamin, Invaders

Joe Bussell, Three There

Heinrich Toh, Never Quite Enough

Misha Kligman, Untitled

Stephen Proski, KCMO

Rachelle Gardner, Superclusters

Sabrina Staires, Elephants on Parade

Gavin Snyder, Untitled

Cory Imig, Untitled

Erika Lynne Hanson, Wind Survey: 2

Derrick Briedenthal, Untitled

Jon Scott Anderson, Untitled

Luke Firle, Untitled

Barry Anderson, Junk Yard

Mary Wessel, Worldscapes

Deanna Dikeman, Ballroom Series

Jerry Kunkel, Memories Are...

Adolfo Martinez, We are Not in Kansas Anymore

Anne Lindberg, once a day 59 and 62

Paul Shortt, Nimby's

Michael Sinclair, Untitled

Allan Winkler, Community Meeting

May Tveit, Color Field 

Grant Miller, Untitled

Elijah Gowin, Of Falling and Floating Series

Emily Sall, Betwixt and Between

Miki Baird, Urban Deposit

Archie Scott Gobber, Changeable