Switch Kit


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Switching banks is easy. At least, with mobank it is. Our online Switch Kit makes the process as painless as possible. Transfer accounts and automatic payments in moments. And you can always go back to review or edit your information if needed.

Make the switch to mobank – we’ll work every day to make you happy you did.

Ready to switch?

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Step 1

Enter your new mobank account information.
 If you don't have an account with mobank, let’s open one. You’ll need it to switch. 

Step 2

Enter your previous account(s) information.
 Your previous financial institution information is needed to close your old accounts.

Step 3

List any automatic debits (ACH) and/or direct deposits. 
Gather the information on the companies that withdraw from, or deposit to, your account. This includes automatic debits or charges to your debit cards.

Step 4

View and print your Switch Kit documents:

  • Switch kit checklist (you’ll want to keep this for your records)
  • “Notification of automated debit account change” letter(s)
  • “Payroll or direct deposit account change” letter(s)
  • “Closure and notification of account change” letter(s)

  • Sign and mail your “closure and notification of account change” letter(s) after all automatic debits and direct deposits have been switched to your new mobank account(s) and all outstanding checks on your previous account have cleared.

Step 5

Sign, date and mail the letters, or come by any mobank location and we’ll take care of it. Either way, we’ll make the transition to mobank as easy as possible.